We work on a first come, first serve basis. To order, send gun and minimum 30% deposit with your completed order form. Please send complete gun, order form, and deposit all together in the same box. Once work has been started on your project, Linebaugh Custom Sixguns considers it a binding contract with balance payment in full expected immediately upon completion. This is a small and dedicated shop under a heavy workload. Your understanding and patience will do much to ensure our sanity.

Shipping Instructions: UPS and/or FedEx are both excellent carriers. Any conversion is considered a "repair" and no registration is required. We can return your finished gun directly to you legally via the same carriers. Do not use Post Office (USPS).

Old parts: All unused parts are customer's property. They will be returned to the customer upon request. Please write: "Return parts (yes or no)" on order form. They will not fit back into your new conversion. If customer does not want the parts returned they will become the property of Linebaugh Custom Sixguns.

To date, we have inspected several of our early model guns that have seen a large amount of shooting with heavy loads.  These guns have held up very well and we fully expect our large caliber conversions to last as long as standard caliber big bore revolvers. Abuse, not use wears out good sixguns.

All New Model Ruger Revolvers manufactured since 1973 in major caliber (357 - 41 - 44 - 45) are identical in frame and components. The Bisley model is the same frame, with a much improved grip frame, hammer, and trigger. We use the Bisley exclusively due to its superior grip shape. The Bisley handles the heavy recoil our guns generate much better in all instances.



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